Fast virtual servers

We never oversell our servers. If there is 32 GB RAM in a physical server, we won't sell more than 31 x 1GB virtual machines.

We offer VPS web hosting (LXC-based) for your most important websites and general purpose virtual private servers (KVM-based).

Web hosting

  • For one website per account This web hosting is a great choice for your most important websites. To ensure perfect isolation, we encourage one website per account but it's not forbidden to install Wordpress Multisite or tweak Apache settings to support many websites.
  • Good choice for hosting old software rejected by other hosts We're pretty confident in our technology providing isolation between clients so we're not afraid to host old and vulnerable software that would have been prohibited elsewhere. Your old website is also pretty safe with the Web Application Firewall and our optional hardening - and if something happens to it nevertheless, we have backups. We will also patch your website to work with the latest version of PHP.
  • Fast servers and network SSD accelerated servers, gigabit network burst, no overselling. Hard to believe? Contact support and ask for sample websites.
  • Secured by our Web Application Firewall Prevents malicious requests from reaching your server. Stops most automated hack attempts. Blocks exploiting vulnerabilities in well-known software such as Wordpress and Joomla. Scans uploaded files with an antivirus, before they even reach your server.
  • 24/7 monitoring Each domain hosted with us is monitored for: whether the home page loads and has desired content, Google and Yandex malware status, SSL certificate expiration and whether the domain points to the correct IP address. We'll let you know so you can take action.
  • Fully isolated from other users (VPS) Other users getting lots of traffic or getting infected don't affect you. Splendid isolation. If you have ever used shared hosting, you'll know why this is important.
  • Standard Apache / mod_php web stack loved by web developers Your web applications will run without modifications. .htaccess works as expected. No file permission issues.
  • Includes free SFTP-accessible daily backups Messed up? Got hacked? Here's your website as it was two weeks ago.
  • Unlimited number of alias domains
  • Full root access to the container for advanced users Need to install an obscure PHP module, a special-built ffmpeg version or a companion app built in Node? No problem. Your website is running in a full-featured Ubuntu Server container.
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KVM virtual machines