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Servers fail, whether you like it or not. Be the first to know when your website is down or when your hard drive is about to be full.


  • Nagios monitoring
  • Website checks every 5 minutes
  • Checks for disk space and server health
  • Email notifications
  • Jabber/XMPP notifications
  • Mobile apps for most smartphones
  • $3 / server / month
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Every real-life online service needs to be monitored in two ways: whether it's working (can the clients see the website? is the SMTP port open?) and whether it's about to fail (is the disk close to being full? is the SSL certificate about to expire?). The checks should be done from an outside server, which will be able to send alerts when the main server is down.

Our solution to monitoring includes a small agent program running on your server and reporting values such as disk space or number of PHP processes, and an external server polling both the agent and your services (website, etc.). We're using the industry-standard Nagios software, which is included in most Linux distributions, with a few custom plugins server-side.

We will set up up to 15 checks, find appropriate threshold values for them, and send alerts when these checked values are out of bounds. The checks include, but are not limited to:

  • Did respond within 5 seconds? (if not, the server may be down)
  • Does have the text "Buy Now!" in it? (if not, it may display an error instead)
  • Is absent from Google and Yandex malware blacklists? (if not, it may have been infected)
  • Is the SSL certificate served from valid for more than 30 days from now? (if not, you need to renew it)
  • Is there more than one httpd process running on your server? (if not, users may be viewing cached pages)
  • Is your server's IP address absent from lists of IPs sending spam (DNSBL/RBL)? (if not, it may have been infected or abused)
  • Is there at least 20% free space on your disks? (if your disks run full, your databases will crash)
  • Is your server listening for SSH (or SMTP, IMAP, ...) connections?
  • Is your RAID array healthy? (if not, call your datacenter to replace a disk)
  • Is your website accessible over IPv6? (it's so easy to miss that failure when you only have IPv4 at home/office)
  • Is your database running? Is your database cluster replicating?

The service is fully managed (you don't need to access any configuration files, or take care of the Nagios server). You can receive alerts using email, Jabber/XMPP or using an app on your smartphone. There are apps both for Android and iPhone. Contact us if you need some other alert method.

Web sites are checked every 5 minutes, other services may be checked up to once per hour.

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Quantity servers ($3 monthly + $25 set up fee)


We guarantee that the monitoring servers will be accessible 99.5% of the time.



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