Make your data safe

You've paid thousands of dollars to develop your application, losing it to a disk failure is simply not an option


  • Daily backup
  • Incremental
  • Fully monitored
  • SFTP access
  • Free setup
  • $0.09 / GB / month
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Why back up?

Your website consists of code, and data - be it user-generated content, articles written by your staff, or photographies. All code and data is stored on a disk somewhere on your server. Did you know that 1 in 7 disks crash within first two years of operation? Did you know that after 4 years of continuous operation, every third disk fails? (source)

Reliability of backups

Maybe you're already backing up. But are you really safe? Where are your backed up files placed, is it just another disk on that machine? Is it a backup server of your hosting company?

Did you think what would happen if your server was on fire or experienced overvoltage? What if your hosting company went bust and the government took away all its servers? What would you do without all your data?

Even if you have an off-site backup, how do you know that it's running every day? What if it's been silently failing since a month ago?

Storage efficiency

Many back up systems are not incremental. If in a 10 GB website that has been backed up yesterday one file changes, traditional back up systems will store whole website again, thus taking another 10 GB of backup space. Not only it makes backups more expensive, but also it takes away precious disk throughput from your server making it slower than it could be.

Our backup is incremental, unchanged files will only use disk space once.

Protection against human errors

We all have overwritten some important file at least once. This is a kind of mistakes that only humans make, and it's one of the hardest to recover from. If the original file was deleted, you could look through recycle bin or try using some undelete program, but there's no easy way of recovery from accidentialy saving different content into a file. Our backup solution allows you to go back to any past point in time and download your file the way it looked before overwriting. All past versions of your data are just a few clicks away from you (see the video below).

Our offer

We offer you fully managed full-server file-level backups at $4.50 per month for every 50 GB stored, in 50 GB chunks. Free one-time customized setup included.

The service includes monitoring of backups, so we will know instantly if anything fails, and act accordingly. You will be able to access your backed up data securely via the SFTP protocol, using a familiar program like Filezilla or WinSCP. There is no limit on the number of days we will store your data, it's only limited by storage space. If you have a 90GB data set which only changes 10MB per day, you should be able to easily store a year of daily backups on a 100GB account. Contact us and we will help you choose the right amount of space for your needs.

If that was not enough, the service includes one-time free setup. We will ask about your needs and whether it's a web server or important data on your home computer, we'll set up your machine to back up properly according to your custom needs.

The data is stored on a server with RAID mirrored disk drives in France or Germany.

Technically it's a firewalled OpenVZ VPS running rsync and Dirvish monitored by an external Nagios instance.

Full file-level backup of the server is performed. Log and temporary files are excluded by default. Unix file ownership and permissions are retained. The backup can be restored on another machine and will produce a fully-working system.

We can help you restore the backup to a new server for an additional fee.

Easy access

Unlike many other backup solutions, we let you access your data using any SFTP program you like, at any point in the past. No TAR files or clumsy web interfaces are involved, just plain files and folders of your file system. If you're an advanced system administrator, you may just use rsync to copy a directory tree back to your server - all numeric ownerships and access modes are preserved.

Watch the video if you're curious how your files will be stored and accessed.

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Quantity x 50 GB ($4.50 monthly)


How do I do a bare metal restore?

You need to boot to a rescue system, partition/format the hard disks, copy all the files using rsync, chroot into the restored system and issue the 'grub-install' command.

If this method is not acceptable for you, you're looking for a block-level (full disk) backup service, not the one we provide (file-level).

What type of accounts apply?

Our backup system works on VPS and dedicated servers.

What about databases?

When installing the backup we set up a cron job with mysqldump/pg_dump/xtrabackup running just before the backup. While this is a good method for web hosting, you will probably want a dedicated solution for backing up write-heavy databases where ACID matters.


We guarantee that the backup servers will be accessible 99.5% of the time.

We guarantee to react on failed backups and cooperate with the customer to make them work again.



  • Customers can cancel their subscription any time they like, but no refund is given after first 14 days since ordering.

Terms of Service and Fair Use

The provided disk space and computing resources may only be used for storing, restoring and configuring backups which were agreed upon. Any other use is prohibited and may lead to termination of service without refunds.

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