Privacy Policy

We don't want your personal data. All we need is your email and payment.

Who processes your personal data?

The entity who decides how your personal data is used is: Enmasse Andrzej Godziuk (owner of brand) located at Iwaszkiewicza 73/9 in Szczecin, Poland

How can you contact us?

In matters related to your personal data, please contact You're encouraged to encrypt your email with PGP.

How do we obtain your personal data?

We obtain personal data in the following circumstances:

  • When you fill out a contact form
  • When you send us an email
  • After placing an order:
    • Email address is necessary for placing an order.
    • Bank/wire transfer: bank transaction history exposes your name, surname, address and account number.
    • Bitcoin payment: exposes your the public address of your wallet.
    • Paypal payment: Paypal account history gives us access to all your personal data that paypal is processing. Please read Paypal privacy policy. We discourage using Paypal if you care about your privacy.
    • Via a reseller such as please read 2checkout privacy policy - they store your credit card, email and address. We can access all the data you sent them excluding credit card details.

  • Like every other server on the internet, ours also stores visitors' IP addresses. We only use this data to improve security and peformance of our servers, the data is not used for marketing, sales or any other reasons.

Do you have to provide us your data?

Without your email address we're unable to send you a password to your server, invoices and technical information.

Sending all other personal data is volountary and depends on the payment method you used. Clients who don't want to share their name or address with us are encouraged to use cryptocurrencies.

Why do we process your personal data?

We process your data when it's necessary to contact you or provide you with our services.

Your email is used to send you:

  • server credentials
  • invoices
  • other content necessary to provide you with our serivces (technical, support, outage notices etc.)

We only use your address data for accounting. We may use an external company for accounting.

How long do we process your data?

We process your data for as long as you use our services.

We keep back up copies which may include your personal data for up to one year.

Processing some data is required by the law, we're processing for it as long as the law requires us to.

You have the right to request that we remove your personal data.

Do we transfer data to third parties?

Your personal data may be palced on servers rented from other companies. We're making our best to choose companies which don't use the data stored with them in any way.

We're using other entities for eg. accounting and administrating our servers. We still remain the administrator of your data and we're responsible for its security.

Your rights

According to the law, you may: withdraw consent, access, rectify, erase, port, restrict, object to processing your data. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority of your habitual residence, place of work or place of alleged infringement, if you consider that the processing of your personal data infringes applicable law.