Web server protection

Your web servers are protected. Daily updates protecting against hacks of common web applications such as Wordpress, Joomla!, WooCommerce, MyBB, SugarCRM, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop etc.

The Web Application Firewall is a free add-on to our web hosting plans. It's there to protect your websites from hackers.

  • Web Application Firewall - protects you against common attacks such as SQL injection or PHP object injection.
  • Virtual Patching - our Web Application Firewall is updated every 30 minutes to protect you from the latest exploits in common software such as Wordpress, Joomla and PrestaShop, and popular plugins for this software.
  • Rate Limiting - protects you against brute force password guessing as well as low-tech Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
  • Virus Scanning - checks if the files uploaded to your server look suspicious and blocks such uploads
  • Basic Spam Protection - checks visitor's IP address against several spam black lists if that person sends a POST request (eg. to post a comment)*
  • SSL termination - makes HTTPS available to all web sites hosted with us without any configuration on your side **.
  • Splendid Isolation - your container is isolated from other users. If they get hacked despite all these protections, it doesn't affect you.
  • Daily Backup - should anything bad happen to your website, we have backups accessible to you with any SFTP program. On a remote server in a different country. The competition doesn't even get close.

* This will work against most bots but if some may slip through. If you want the ultimate spam protection, use Akismet or a captcha.

** some changes in website HTML code may be necessary if you haven't used HTTPS before